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Tim Pijl

I joined Finaps in september 2017 and I have enjoyed every day since. I love to solve technical challenges where my knowledge and creativity are tested every day. Collaborating in small teams with different personalities and backgrounds is what drives me to create great software. As a Data Engineer, my main focus is on developing applications that are highly data-driven. These applications enable people to make better (business) decisions. Given not only one’s expert knowledge, but all the information that is available in the data, one should be able to improve their decision-making process.

Is your organization truly data-driven?
24 september 2019 [09:15], 4116 views

Is your organization truly data-driven?

Many organizations think that simply because they have a lot of data, generate a lot of reports and use fancy dashboards, they are data-driven. However, to be truly data-d [...]


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